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Heaven sends and Heaven takes.

Life's been really busy for the last couple of weeks. I've been working at Staples on a lot of the days when I haven't been working at summer camp, so I've had little to no time to myself. Pregnancy has also been kicking my ass, with all the nausea and the exhaustion, and a lot of my time at home is spent sleeping or laying around in the hopes that I'll stop feeling so sick. I love how my mom tries to tell me, "I never had that when I was pregnant," and basically brushes me off whenever I tell her how I'm feeling. Thanks, Mom.

Tomorrow, I think I'll be going on my last field trip with the summer camp kids - ever. Next week, I work Monday and Tuesday, the latter of which is my last day with them. I'm really sad about it, but it'll be nice to have a job that's willing to give me nearly forty hours a week with the option of benefits. Granted, it's a two-dollar pay cut, but I'm barely making money at Saline as it is. I'm really going to miss a lot of the kids, though - not to mention the fact that I get paid to play games, watch movies, go on field trips, etc. (Though, anyone who works with kids will tell you that it sounds easy, but it's not. It's a lot of work, but it's rewarding.)

I'm especially going to miss my special needs kids. They'll always hold a special place in my heart, and they've been great to work with. Difficult at times, but good kids.

In other news, Mike and I are trying to clean the apartment so that it's spotless. That way, when we tell our landlord that we'd like him to let us out of our lease, he can start showing the apartment. I have no idea how he's going to take it, but this apartment is way too small for a couple and a baby, and given that I'm having it in January and our lease is up in April, well... we need a new place before then. I imagine he's not going to be happy, but it's not like it was planned. It's going to be a hassle. We found a nice place in Belleville, where a couple of friends of ours live, that has central air and everything but electricity is included in utilities. A two-bedroom is $740 a month, though; where we're at now, it's $570. But, as I told Mike, we're very unlikely to find any two-bedroom places around here for under $700, and the place we're looking at is pretty great. So. Hopefully that pulls through.

Also, Mike and I have already decided on names. I'm really, really excited for this baby right now.


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April 2014

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