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Today, I received a text about how I apparently did something wrong last night in the copy center. Something about how we don't print HTML files because we aren't supposed to access websites on the computer to print from.

And I tried to explain that if it was a website, I wouldn't have taken it in, but an HTML file is not a website. It's a page that's saved directly to your computer from the website. I've confirmed this with other people.

But no, she went on about how Erin hasn't properly trained me, and essentially I'm constantly screwing things up that she has to fix. About how there are messes all the time... and when I said that the order I took in (with the HTML files) was rather minor and having to tell the customer we couldn't do it could hardly be considered a "mess," she said something along the lines of, "I took out two bags of trash this morning. Simple things, Katie. Simple things." (The last two sentences are a direct quote from her messages.)

I'm not going to lie, I was pissed.

The store closes, usually, at 9p. By 8p, we're supposed to be working on our closing stuff - vacuuming the floor in the copy center, getting rid of trash, straightening, writing notes for tomorrow, stuff like that. We always start early because inevitably, it gets busy and we get pulled away a lot. The problem was, I worked on a single order (wedding programs plus four posters, trimmed on three sides) from the time I came in at 4p until almost 8p. After that, I had to get six more posters printed and trimmed for another customer, but those had to be done in color (and our large color printer is awfully slow) and trimmed on all four sides each. They were due early this morning, and I didn't want to be an asshole and leave them for Dayna, since the customer coming in to pick them up is a total dick, and I told Erin I'd get them done. So I did them. By the time I was finished, it was just after 9p, since I kept getting pulled away. By then, I should have had almost all of my closing duties done, but I hadn't even started.

One bag of trash was taken to the back from the copy center - and yes, there was a lot more. I figured I'd get to the rest once I'd finished vacuuming, writing my notes, straightening up, and I honestly forgot. Fucking sue me. It was busy, I was exhausted, and yes, I'll admit, it was my mistake. But given that I left her with literally a single job to do this morning, I don't feel all that bad about having forgotten about it. I worked my ass off yesterday. I don't take breaks, despite the fact that I'm in pain all the time and I really should be. I just go in, do my job to the best of my ability, and then go home. I'm only human, though, and I make mistakes.

And so does she.

I can't even tell you how many times in the past few weeks I've had Erin, my supervisor, complain about the work that Dayna does in the copy center, but I'm obviously not going to tell Dayna that, so I just let it go. It's just so irritating the way she made it sound like she's the only valuable person back in the copy center, when I know for a fact that Erin and Matt, at the very least, do a hell of a lot better back there.

What a fucking moron.


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April 2014

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